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Product Outsiders - The Podcast

In a world awash with MBAs and fancy suits we’re the people standing on the outside, our sleeves rolled up, ready to get some stuff done.

We’re not product managers in the way you might think, but we’re passionate about solving real problems for real people in ways that create real value.

So I guess that makes us product managers?

Whatever you call us. we’re passionate about building great collaborative teams that make great products together.

Also, we’re bitter and we need an outlet, so… podcast.

We're trying to change the world, one episode at a time.

We’ll be talking about a wide variety of subjects, from Balanced Teams, Design Thinking, and Product frameworks, along with digging deep into those more divisive subjects like Feature Factories, Fetishizing failure, and the age-old Product vs. Project Management.

Have a topic that you’d like for us to talk about, or are you another Product Outsider who’d like to take part in an episode? Contact us below.

About Us

Our goal: Healthy Product Teams

We all sit at the feet of Jeff Patton and Marty Cagan, looking at building great products as a team sport, instead of the old notion of Product being the ‘single wringable neck’. 

We really believe in the great truth: 

If your teams are invested in solving problems for your customers, you can take a good product and make it a great product.

The Podcast Team

We’re all invested in helping products be the best they can be for customers,
even if our day jobs aren’t as Product (anymore).

Tammy Bulson

Agile Coach by day, Fiction Writer by night.

Tammy loves the opportunity to balance her creative mind with her tactical one. Her super power is helping people play nicely together. 

She wants to understand what makes each person tick, what unique traits each person brings to the table, and how those things can be maximized to find the best paths forward.

Amber Hansford

Former Developer, Former Product Manager, current UX Manager… always a PITA to the establishment.

Amber looks to find patterns wherever and whenever she can, and if you hand her a stack of post-its and a box of sharpies, she can change hearts and minds to turn the idea of the single-wringable-neck into a team sport. 

She also is a shameless early adopter of new tools to help make work easier to deal with.

Will Sansbury

Maker of products, lover of teamwork, and hater of dress clothes. 

After student teaching confirmed that Will should not be a high school teacher, he fell headlong into the world of tech by way of graphic design. He’s since had the privilege of serving in almost every capacity of cross-functional product teams, where he discovered that great product managers are distressingly rare. 

He’s on a mission to change that.

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