Outputs Outcomes & Impacts – Episode 5

Hello and Welcome to Product Outsiders!

In a world awash with MBAs and fancy suits we are the people standing on the outside, our sleeves rolled up, ready to get some ish done. We’re not product managers in the way you might think, but we’re passionate about solving real problems for real people in ways that actually create real value. So I guess that makes us product managers? Whatever you call us. we’re passionate about building great collaborative teams that make great products together.

Do you define success by how fast your teams put out work? If so, it’s no surprise as production efficiency has been a key focus since the days of the Industrial Revolution. And while our industries may have changed over time, our thinking didn’t necessarily change along with it. 

In this episode, the Product Outsiders take a deep dive into output vs. outcome and impact. We believe that organizations won’t be successful if they are delivering things faster, but the things being delivered aren’t hitting the mark with customers and consequently growing the business. What seems like a simple concept, in theory, isn’t necessarily an easy one to embrace in reality. Tune in as we share our thoughts on moving outcome and impact to the forefront in order to find success in building great products.

Show Notes:

Watch Jeff Patton’s Outputs vs. Outcomes & Impact video that started it all here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/206617354

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